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Mary Alice Lee

Senior Policy Fellow

Mary Alice Lee is a member of the faculty of the Yale University School of Public Health. She is a Senior Policy Fellow with Connecticut Voices for Children, a non-profit organization that conducts research and public policy analysis to promote the well-being of Connecticut’s children, youth, and families. Dr. Lee also directs state-funded independent monitoring of enrollment trends and children’s health services in Connecticut’s HUSKY Program (Medicaid and CHIP).   

Dr. Lee’s attention is on health of women and children, publicly-financed health insurance, the uninsured, and the implementation of Affordable Care Act.

Frederick L. Altice

Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health

Frederick Altice, M.D., M.A., is board-certified in both Infectious Diseases and Addiction Medicine and is Director of Clinical and Community Research, the Community Health Care Van, the HIV in Prisons Program. Professor Altice is also a Senior Investigator at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA) and the Global Health Initiative.  

Prof. Altice is interested in the interface of infectious diseases and substance use disorders, including clinical trials, intervention science development, cohort studies and implementation science, primarily in low and middle income international settings. He is interested in advising and interacting with students interested in global health, health disparities, vulnerable populations such as people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, female sex workers and criminal justice populations.  

Please contact me or my administrative assistant, Paula Dellamura ( for appointments. 

Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen, Connecting students to internships or other opportunities

Wendell Bell

Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Wendell Bell served three years as a naval aviator with a tour of duty in the Philippines during World War II. 

After receiving his PhD from UCLA, he taught at Stanford, Northwestern, and then UCLA where he directed the West Indies Study Program, he joined the Yale faculty and was appointed a Fellow of Morse College in 1963. He served as Chair of the Department of Sociology, co-founded the Program of African American Studies, and directed the Comparative Sociology Training Program. He retired in 1995.
Professor Bell has served as President, Caribbean Studies Association; Fellow, Australian National University; and Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. His research ranges from the social areas of cities and the emergence of the new states to human values, inequality, and the knowledge base of futures studies. He has published more than 200 articles and is an award winning author of 10 books.
His many awards include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Futures Studies Federation.

Prof. Bell continues his deep interest in ethnicity and race relations, social change and the future, the sociology of the future, human values and the nature of the good society, nationalism and the new states, inequality and social justice.

Beth Bennett

Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering

Beth Bennett graduated from Yale (Morse Class of 1991) with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Math. She has stayed at Yale ever since, earning her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 and subsequently rising through the research ranks to her current position of Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer. Dr. Bennett’s research focuses on efficient numerical modeling of flames, and she teaches two engineering courses on numerical methods. She is also the enthusiastic faculty advisor for three engineering student organizations: ASME, SWE, and Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society).

In her spare time, Dr. Bennett reads mysteries and spy novels, and she and her husband enjoy renovating their home, which is a never-ending source of interesting DIY projects.

Dr. Bennett would be happy to discuss Yale’s engineering and applied math programs, what engineering research involves (i.e., what to expect if you are doing a semester or a summer of research), and what to expect when applying to and attending engineering grad school. Conversations about what Morse was like 25 years ago are also welcome!

Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen, Career advising, Serving as a reader for students preparing CVs and job or fellowship applications

Nicholas Bennett

Research Scientist, Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Nicholas Bennett received his BA in Mathematics from the University of the South (1991), and his PhD, also in Mathematics, from Yale (1997). His interests have always involved applied math in one form or another. Beyond the training he received at Sewanee and at Yale, Professor Bennett feels the most important formative influences on his career were a semester study abroad experience at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the University of Tennessee, two summer internships in the Director’s Summer Program at the National Security Agency, and the two summer internships at Schlumberger. The latter paved the way for his current employment as Research Scientist for Schlumberger.

Prof. Bennett’s work is quite interdisciplinary (math, acoustics, electromagnetics, geology, computer science) and so requires considerable technical collaborations. An important skill he has developed over the years, and recommends to others, is to learn how to present very technical work to a general audience. He is happy to discuss his public speaking techniques.

Career advising

Henry Bolanos

Lecturer- SEAS

Henry Bolanos, retired VP of R&D for US Surgical Corporation, is named on Over 120 US patents in the Surgical and other Fields. He was responsible for the creation of state of the art surgical instruments: Endoscopic Clip Appliers and Endoscopic GIA devices used in Laparoscopic Surgery. He has a BSME from CCNY, and a Masters in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
His career has spanned both National and International corporate assignments. He is currently a Consultant on Creativity and New Product Development, and is a Lecturer at Yale University and a Visiting Professor at The University of Virginia and The University of Auckland, in New Zealand.
Mr. Bolanos has also serves as an Expert Witness in Patent and Product Liability litigation and he is the author of 5 books on Creativity and New Product Development.
Mr. Bolanos also conducts Seminars in Creativity and New Product Development for both Groups and Corporations.. He currently serves on the Board of an on-line Computer Company and is Chairman of a company in New Zealand, EverEdge IP, Ltd.

William Boos

Assistant Professor

William Boos completed his MS at MIT and continued there to get his PhD in Atmospheric Science (2008.) He is now an Assistant Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Yale. Professor Boos’ research focuses on the fluid dynamics of Earth’s tropical atmosphere. One emphasis is monsoon circulations, which deliver water to billions of people in socially vulnerable, agricultural economies. Despite the importance of monsoon rainfall, there is no established theory that explains the observed variability of monsoons, and climate models make disparate predictions for next-century changes in monsoon rainfall. In his work, he combines theory, observational analyses, and numerical models.

Prof. Boos focuses his time on climate dynamics and societal impacts.

Career advising

Marijeta Bozovic

Assistant Professor, Slavic Department

Marijeta Bozovic is Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University. She recently completed work on a monograph based on her dissertation, From Onegin to Ada: Nabokov’s Canon. She was a principal organizer for the Black and Blue Danube Symposium at Colgate University in March 2013 and the international conference Legacies of the Russian Avant-Garde at Columbia University in February 2012. Professor Bozovic is a founding member of the Central New York Mellon Humanities Corridor working group “Legacies of the Second World” and a participant in the Digital Mnemonics in Slavic Studies 2013 spring school in Freising, Germany. She is working on a book project on post-Soviet and post-Yugoslav literature and culture.

Prof. Bozovic is focused on twentieth and twenty-first-century Russian poetry, Russian and Balkan avant-gardes, diasporas and transnational culture, translation and adaptation across media, and the poetics and politics of the Danube river.

Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen

Shulamith Chernoff

Prof Emerita, SCSU

Shulamith Chernoff received her joint Masters’ in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary. For thirty years she has taught and mentored teachers, and taught and directed in early childhood centers. Now retired, she has published a book of poetry, and has also translated Holocaust survivors’ memoirs.

Prof. Chernoff is interested in speaking with minority students and students who come from less affluent neighborhoods. She would like to connect with students from those backgrounds, and those who are first generation college students who seek advice and support. 

Career advising

Kevin Coady

Real Estate Development-Owner

Kevin Coady is a real estate developer who has had long involvement in commercial real estate. He is a recent resident of New Haven after 45 years up the coast in Branford where he has assisted his wife of 45 years in her endeavors as owner of RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison. 

Mr. Coady likes to make students feel welcome in New Haven and invites them to the home he shares with his wife, just off campus.

Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen, Career advising, Serving as a reader for students preparing CVs and job or fellowship applications