Party Registration

In accordance with Yale College Undergraduate Regulations, all parties of more than 20 people must be approved by the Head of College. To apply for approval, please print out the on-line form and submit to the Head of College’s Office.  Please note that a party cannot exceed a maximum of 50 people at any time as stated in the Undergraduate Regulations. It is the Head of College’s prerogative to set a lower maximum limit.

Party registration forms must be submitted to the Head of College’s Office during normal business hours (9am - 5pm) and at least 48 hours prior to the party. A copy of the form must be provided to the Head of College and Morse College Dean, posted in the entryway where the party will take place, and provided to the Custodial Supervisor. Simply handing in a form does not constitute permission.  All forms must actually be approved by the Head of College.