Crescent Underground Theater

The Crescent Underground theater is the finest and most flexible undergraduate performance space on campus. With adjustable tiered-seating, a full-featured sound system, a sprung floor, and theatrical lighting, the theater has served as a performing space for various cultural shows, dance performances, dramatic plays, and musicals. The theater’s backstage includes two spacious dressing rooms, a bathroom and enough space for set pieces. Other perks include the expansive lighting grid and nearby practice rooms. 

To reserve the theater, first read the rules and regulations.

Application for the Crescent Theater is now integrated into the CPA application process. The CPA application also serves as the venue application. The CPA application, along with additional information about the CPA awards may be found on the Creative and Performing Arts Website. Use this app until the CPA deadline.

The Crescent Theater app is for all those who would like to use the Crescent Underground for any activity, rehearsal, or performance. Applications may be reviewed in correlation with the CPA cycles.

It is also worth noting, that many people and University agencies are involved in getting your event safely off the ground and getting the space is just the beginning. Please allow ample time to bring on UP, house managers, and the FCC, aka Yale Fire Code and Compliance people.