Athletes of the Week

IM Athletes of the Week

Week Athlete Year Sport
#1 Elsa Durcan 2024 Soccor: Elsa struck fear into the hearts of the Saybrook players. Defensively, she was a brick wall, nothing getting by her. The ball at her feet, she broke ankles & made pinpoint passes. We can’t think of anyone better to start the athlete of the week series!
#2 Holden Taylor 2026 Cornhole: This week Holden did the unthinkable: he dethroned a 3-year TD reign of terror and domination over IM Cornhole. Our very own Midwestern Morsel showed TD how real Ohians play bags.

Thomas Venarde

2026 Ping Pont: Freshman phenom Thomas has other-worldly ping pong skills. He possesses the blend of power and speed on the offensive, with patience and retrieving skills on the defensive. Other colleges’ number 1 ping pong players stand no chance against Morse’s man. We follow Thomas’s lead to victory.
#4 Mickey Lin &
Sydney Gray
  Pickleball: Mickey and Sydney led their fellow Morsels to racket sport domination last week. Mickey destroyed the competition in some tense table tennis matches, and Sydney had the competition scrambling as she placed perfect shots on the pickleball court. Truly stunning displays of athleticism.