Welcome to Morse College

Welcome FreshMorsels, Welcome Back Morsels! 

Welcome to Morse! We are so excited to welcome students back to school, whether you will be on campus or studying remotely. Lots will be different about this year, but one thing will always remain the same: MORSE ALWAYS WINS!!

For those new to Morse: we are the home of the walrus, the best dining hall on campus, and the best students ever. Our archectiture (and that of our twin college, Ezra Stiles) is the most unique at Yale, designed by Eero Saarinen, and features NO exterior right angles — seriously, try to find one! You’ll find that our rooms are amazing and spacious, our dining hall is very delicious, and our location on campus is completely advantageous. Students in Morse, affectionately called Morsels, are filled with love and spirit, and it’s apparent that this community is the warmest at Yale. It’s true what they say: MORSE ALWAYS WINS!!

For all Morsels, there is much guidance and information to come in the days and weeks ahead. For more information on the coming year, please visit the Yale College COVID-19 Announcements and FAQs page. If you do not find the answer to your question there, please reach out to us. Head Panter-Brick, Dean G ,and the rest of us are so, so excited to see you all, whether that is in the courtyard with masks on or through the Zoom screen. Welcome back Morsels, and remember: MORSE ALWAYS WINS!!

First-years, you have just a few things to do now: First, if you haven’t already, activate your NetID and Yale email account then start checking said account. This is where lots of critical info will come to you that you’ll want to be on top of. Second, wait for further contact from Head Panter-Brick, Dean Gleason, and your wonderful first-year counselors. Stay patient! Third, take a deep breath and relax — you made it into the best residential college at Yale!

Oh wait, there’s a fourth thing… remember that MORSE ALWAYS WINS!

Welcome from Head of College Panter-Brick


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