Welcome to Morse College

Dear Class of 2025,

Woo hoo! You are a MORSEL! (It’s an affectionate term that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling every time you hear it from now until the end of time!) Today is a great day in which we welcome you to the club. There is much to introduce you to and we are so excited for the gates to be thrown open in August to bring you in and start acquainting you with the Lipstick (what?), the Walrus (huh?), the BEST food on campus (yes, really. Voted #1), the wildly awesome first-year counselors (they’ll be in touch), your new suite mates (they’ll be in touch too), and 400 other Morsels who will make up your Morse Peeps.

August 23 or 27 th is the big day: Move-in. Coming off the pandemic, it’s very different this year and we are very excited to welcome you to Morse proper. More info will be coming to you on that but do check out the Move-In page there is lots of info. Move-in is the culmination of all your hard high school work finally paying off, so as you walk into the Morse courtyard as  a Yale student  for the first time. Don’t forget to pause and soak it in.

There are forms to fill out and boxes to check which you should do soon. However, don’t drag your feet on activating your  NetID  and  Yale email account . Once active you’ll want to start checking said account. This is where lots of critical info will come to you that you’ll want to be on top of.

Last…revel in the glory of being in the college full of LOVE and HAPPINESS, Morse!


Have a great summer; we’ll be together before you know it!

 Yale College COVID-19 Announcements and FAQs 

First-Year and New Student Resources

Welcome from Head of College Panter-Brick


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