Jaime Arellano-Bover

Profession and title: 
Lecturer in Economics and Senior Research Scientist
Brief biography: 
Jaime Arellano-Bover is a Lecturer in Economics and Senior Research Scientist, with a joint appointment between the School of Management and the Department of Economics.
His research is in the areas of Labor Economics and Applied Microeconomics, typically using large-scale administrative datasets on individuals, workers, and firms. Some of his recent and current research studies the importance of young workers’ labor market entry conditions and matches to first jobs, how on-the-job learning varies across employers, immigrants’ labor market integration, the infiltration of organized crime in legal firms, and the long-run dynamics of the gender pay gap. Jaime’s teaching involves working as the Course Director of Econ 117 (Introduction to Data Analysis and Econometrics).
Jaime obtained a PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 2019, was a postdoc at Yale between 2019-2021, and worked in Rome (Italy) for two years after that.
Before moving to the US for his PhD, Jaime graduated in 2013 from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), where he is originally from. He is married and has two small kids.
You can learn more on his website: https://www.jarellanobover.com/