Morse College Council & Yale College Council

The Morse College Council (MCC) and Student Activity Committee (SAC) form one larger group in Morse College. This group is responsible for organizing many Morse events, ranging from Morse Formal to the Morse Ski Trip, and helping to create new Morse gear. Open meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:00PM in the Morse Common Room, and usually involve free food. 

MCC Officers 2022-2023

Ramsay Goyal ‘24



Ramsay is a junior from Los Angeles, California serving his second term as MCC President. He is an Urban Studies major with a wholehearted fascination for all things transportation and loves bike riding through New Haven. When he’s not planning Morse events and activities, you can find Ramsay working as a recruitment coordinator in the Yale Admissions Office, serving on the board of his Los Angeles neighborhood council, volunteering as a college mentor with New Haven REACH, or chairing a session of Yale Model Congress. Around campus, he loves finding a quiet study nook on the top floor of the Sterling stacks, socializing in the Morse library, or grabbing late-night ice cream from Ashley’s.

Sofia Rabbani ‘25

(Co-Vice President)


Sofia is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama. She changes her prospective major weekly (right now it’s Statistics & Data Science or Environmental Studies—ask her at the end of the year). She has a little walrus figurine named Alistair Hugo in her dorm to signify her college loyalty, and a stuffed walrus named Hugo Alistair (she and her roommate and co-vice president Jenesis looked up “distinguished baby names”). In addition to being on MCC, she also displays her love for the best residential college by being a Morse aide. She can also often be found in the Admissions Office, where she works as a Recruitment Coordinator (with MCC president Ramsay). In her free time, she loves reading fantasy books, talking about the MCU, listening to Taylor Swift, and spending all her money in different New Haven coffee shops. Her favorite place on campus is MORSE, obviously, and she is so excited to serve as co-VP this year and meet even more amazing Morsels.

Jenesis Nwainokpor ‘25

(Co-Vice President)


Jenesis is a sophomore from North Carolina, (potentially probably maybe) majoring in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. When she is not pulling all-nighters in the Morse library, she’s usually reading from her pocket constitution, talking about Taylor Swift, or designing Morse Propaganda™ with her Co Vice-President/roommate. Outside of Morse, she is involved in Yale Undergraduate Moot Court and Yale College Council, but she enjoys most of all sending emails to, planning events for, and orchestrating coups on behalf of the best residential college at Yale.

Patrick SebaRaj ‘24


  Patrick is a junior in Morse College, originally from Salisbury, Maryland, and has also served as the treasurer of MCC during the 2021-22 academic year. He’s studying Computer Science and Economics and is a devoted fan of the chocolate croissants from Atticus. Beyond this, he can be found studying in the Starr Reading Room or watching everything related to Formula 1. He looks forward to serving as treasurer this year and getting to meet all Morsels, new and old.

Jasmine Oang ‘24

(Alumni Fund Chair)


Jasmine is a junior from Los Angeles, California who LOVES dogs (especially Rio!). She’s a History major specializing in Politics & Government and passionate about public policy. When she’s not hanging out in the Morse Dining Hall (the best dining hall), you can find her taking a walk up Hillhouse Ave. or sipping on a Matcha Latte from Looseleaf. Aside from serving as MCC Alumni Fund Chair, she is also a member of the Yale Undergraduate Moot Court, Yale Dems, and President’s Public Service Fellow. Feel free to reach out to Jasmine with any questions or just to chat! Jasmine is so excited to be back in Morse and MCC this year and she can’t wait to share her Morse pride with all of our alumni!

Yvonne Trenh ‘24



Hello, kind bean! My name is Yvonne! I’m a junior from Los Angeles, California! I’m majoring in Environmental Studies! At Yale, I’m your MCC Historian, the Communications Chair at CASA, the GOTR site coordinator, and a Matriculate advising fellow! Catch me stealing chocolates and Hichews from the Morse Office, grabbing boba from T-Swirl, or out and about in various study-spaces working ~very~ hard with my friends!

Desmond Pang ‘24



Desmond is a junior from Charlotte, North Carolina and a prospective MB&B and Economics double major. When not living it up at the best residential college, you can catch him serving as a Community Chair for the Chinese American Students Association (CASA) or strolling the streets of New Haven searching for the best bites! If you see him around, let him know your favorite spots around campus or just say hi! This year, he can’t wait to further connect the Morse community and hopes to see you at an MCC meeting in the near future!

Julian Tweneboa Kodua ‘25

(Community Outreach Chair)


Julian is from Kumasi, Ghana, and is a sophomore currently planning on studying Computer Science. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing games, and talking about several random things he shares in common with his fellow Morsels and Yalies. He’s also a huge intramural sports fan (especially IM soccer, table tennis, and volleyball). He can’t wait to meet and share the Morse love with all of the new incoming Morsels!

Cal Barton ‘25

(Diplomatic Outreach Chair)

  Cal is a 2025 Morsel from St. Louis, Missouri, studying English and Theater and Performance Studies. He used to be a First-Year representative; now, he is MCC’s Diplomatic Outreach Guy, which means he seeks inspiration from and coordinates events with other residential colleges. Outside MCC, Cal is the Yale Drama Coalition’s First-Year Liaison. He can often be found reading in the Divinity School or wandering around the YUAG; when he is not in either of these places, he is in rehearsal or in the Morse library, defending his beliefs on the moon landing (suspicious), English 120 (best class ever), and fruity desserts (eek). 

Ava van Straten ‘25

(Student Avtivities Comittee Chair)


Ava is a sophomore from Green Bay, Wisconsin and Morse’s 2022-2023 Student Activities Committee Chair. She is a prospective psychology major who also plans on completing an Education Studies Certificate as part of her deeper interest in studying social and emotional learning through Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence. Ava eventually aspires to attend law school. Beyond school, Ava is involved in ASL Club, Yale’s Climbing Team, and YETI - Yale’s Education Tutoring Initiative. When she is not sitting on cross campus pretending to do work, Ava enjoys drinking dirty chais from Jitter Bus and taking long walks around campus.

Tejita Agarwal ’24

(Student Health Coordinator)

  Tejita is a junior studying Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. She is from Salt Lake City, Utah where she loves trail-running, exploring rural airports, and doing photoshoots of her dog. On campus, Tejita can be found oscillating between various cafes, personalities, and majors. Apart from serving as MCC Student Health Coordinator, she is a Community Health Educator Co-Coordinator and Co-President of Yale Policy Institute.

Sheikh Nahiyan ‘24

(Student Activities Comittee Member)

  Sheikh is a member of the Class of 2024 who holds a great appreciation for the Morse community and everything that it has to offer. He’s originally from Ventnor City, NJ and is planning on majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. You can usually find him attending class on Science Hill, grabbing a dirty chai from The Jitter Bus just down the street, or doing research in the Kaczmarek Lab in the medical school. Beyond MCC, Sheikh serves as Co-President of GREEN at Yale (Yale’s first action-based sustainability organization on campus) and Co-Head Coordinator of YCK. Sheikh is looking forward to meeting all of the new incoming Morsels!