Morse College Council & Yale College Council

The Morse College Council (MCC) and Student Activity Committee (SAC) form one larger group in Morse College. This group is responsible for organizing many Morse events, ranging from Morse Formal, to the Vermont Ski Trip, and guiding decisions about Morse gear. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:00PM in the Morse Common Room, and usually involve free food.

MCC Officers Spring 2019

President: Abhishek Srinivas ‘21
Vice President: (Vacant)
Treasurer: Sonia Lingos-Utley ‘21
Secretary: Shunhe Wang ‘20
SAC Chair: Nikhil Patel ‘21  and Jacob McNeill ‘21

First-Year Representatives: Ariel Cohen ‘22, Wyatt Nabatoff ‘22, Amy Ren ‘22, and Sam Woo ‘22

Alumni Fund Chair: Ariel Cohen ‘22

New Haven Outreach Coordinator: Amy Ren ‘22

Carbon Charge Ambassador: Michael Sisti ‘20

YCC Representatives 2018-2019

Justin Aubin ‘21 & Abhishek Srinivas ‘21