Morse College Council & Yale College Council

The Morse College Council (MCC) and Student Activity Committee (SAC) form one larger group in Morse College. This group is responsible for organizing many Morse events, ranging from Morse Formal to the Morse Ski Trip, and helping to create new Morse gear. Open meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:00PM in the Morse Common Room, and usually involve free food. 

MCC Officers 2021-2022

Ramsay Goyal ‘24



Ramsay is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California and the 2021-2022 MCC President. He is an Urban Studies major with a wholehearted fascination for public transportation who loves taking walks around New Haven. When he’s not riding the Yale Shuttle, you can find Ramsay volunteering as a college mentor with New Haven REACH, serving on the board of his Los Angeles neighborhood council, or posting (somewhat infrequently) on the MCC Instagram. Around campus, he loves studying on the rood of the Watson center and grabbing late-night ice cream from Ashley’s. 

Jasmine Oang ‘24

(Vice President)


Jasmine is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California who LOVES dogs (especially Rio!). She’s a prospective Political Science major hoping to pursue education reform and public policy. When she’s not having picnics in the Morse courtyard, you can find her studying (and doodling) in Bass Library or at Koffee? sipping on an iced Ginger Snap with Spiced Chai. Aside from serving as MCC Vice-President, she is also a Morse College Aide, an Associate Director of Communications for The Politic, and a member of the Yale Undergraduate Moot Court. She’s excited meet more Morsels this year and show off her Morse pride!

Patrick SebaRaj ‘24



Patrick SebaRaj is a sophomore in Morse College originally from Salisbury, Maryland, but now calls the best residential college, Morse, his new home. When on campus, Patrick can be found studying for Economics and Computer Science courses in the wonderful Morse library or eating the impeccable dining hall food in the Morse courtyard. Beyond this, he can be found in studying in one of the rooms in Bass or watching everything related to Formula 1. He looks forward to serving as treasurer and getting to meet all of the Morsels this year.

Sheikh Nahiyan ‘24



Sheikh Nahiyan is a member of the Class of 2024 who holds a great appreciation for the Morse community and everything that it has to offer. Sheikh is originally from Ventnor City, NJ, a small suburb in Southern New Jersey, and is planning on majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. While he is currently remote, you can usually find him doing work in the cozy Morse courtyard, grabbing a dirty chai from The Jitter Bus just down the street, or (literally) running around campus. Sheikh is also involved in GREEN at Yale, the first undergraduate sustainability-focused organization on campus, and likes to volunteer at YCK when he is on campus. Sheikh is looking forward to getting more involved in Morse and can’t wait to play his role in keeping Morse the best residential college!

Yvonne Trenh ‘24


  Yvonne’s a sophomore student from Los Angeles, California! Deciding between the majors of MCDB, EEB, and Environmental Studies, she also hopes to go into pre-med! Other than being your MCC Historian, she’s also involved with Matriculate and the Chinese American Student Association! Feel free to ask her anything about watermelons being tastier than mangoes, BURRITOS, pineapples belonging on pizza, and the awesomeness of ATLA or Naruto or Minecraft or AOT or PETS! 

Desmond Pang ‘24

(Alumni Fund Chair)

  Desmond is a sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina and a prospective MB&B and Economics double major. When not living it up at the best residential college, you can catch him serving as a Community Chair for the Chinese American Students Association (CASA) or strolling the streets of New Haven searching for the best bites! If you see him around, let him know your favorite spots around campus or just say hi! This year, he can’t wait to further connect the Morse community and hopes to see you at an MCC meeting in the near future!

Gabe Broome ‘23

(SAC Chair)

  Gabe Broome is a member of the class of 2023, a First-Year Representative, and the Vice President of MCC. He’s from Meridian, Mississippi, and he LOVES MORSE! When he’s not picking up food for MCC or talking at one of our meetings, he’s probably playing ultimate frisbee for Yale’s club team, Superfly, or working his job as a Morse College event aide. He’s (probably) a Computer Science major and he looks forward to seeing all of you (yes, you) at the MCC meetings (Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in the Morse Common Room)!