Morse Fellows

Morse College is a vibrant community. We would love to count you among us. The Fellows meet a few times per semester at the Head of College’s house, to interact with friends from all parts of the University and from the broader community. Many play the role of Advisor for a student or two. We extend invitations to student functions such as performances and college-wide social events, welcome participation at intramural sports, provide dining privileges in the college at lunch or dinner, all so you can meet with students, faculty and friends. Please join us - we welcome you!

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Dan Oren

Psychiatry, Associate Professor Adjunct


Dan Oren graduated from Yale College, specifically, Morse College, as a chemistry major. He continued at Yale in the med school and psychiatry residency training. He went on to do a fellowship at the US National Institute of Mental Health, and returned to Yale to spend 6 years as full time medical faculty and is now on the adjunct faculty. His current research is the study of humoral phototransduction and how light affects human and animal biology, and winter seasonal depression. Well published, Dr. Oren also wrote Joining The Club, one of Yale’s Tercentennial history books. He is spending the 2014-15 academic year as a visiting professor in Poland, but should still be reachable by e-mail.


Dr. Oren loves Yale History, photobiology and photochemistry in animals, chronobiology, and psychiatry. He also welcomes conversation about careers in academic medicine.

Offers assistance in:

Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen

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Giulia Oskian

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


Giulia Oskian is an Assistant Professor of Political Science. She specializes in political theory and her research interests include early modern and modern political thought, constitutionalism, democratic theory, the history of ideologies, and political psychology. Her book Tocqueville and the Legal Basis of Democracy was published in Italian and is now being translated into English. Currently, she is working on a new project, which explores the role of emotions in political life, studying how emotions inform political judgement and internally curb rationality. She holds a Ph.D. from the Scuola Normale Superiore and, before coming to Yale, was a postdoctoral fellow at Science Po Paris and at Queen Mary University of London, and a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University.