Graduate Affiliates

Melody Wang

(Head GA)

Ethan Addicott  

Henry Balme

What’s up, I’m Henry and currently in my second year of a Music History PhD. When I’m not buried amongst scores and books, I like to take photos (I’m an enthusiastic photographer), play piano (mainly classical), and practice my French. Next summer I am sitting a test of language proficiency (DALF, C1), so I’m looking to improve my French as much as possible of the next two semesters. I’m also teaching myself how to code (Python), but I’m still pretty terrible at it. Just a couple of things about my background: I’m half German, half Kiwi, grew up in Germany, and did my undergrad in London (Music) and my masters in Oxford (Musicology). I live in HGS, right next door, so you’ll find me at Morse having dinner almost every evening. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas don’t hesitate to come up and talk to me and I hope I can be of help!

Taylor Barnard

Blair Betik

Trent Fuenmayor

Danilo Rocha Gambini

Shannon Han

Elizabeth Himschoot  
Marc Ibanez Diaz  
Ruel Jerry  

Jie Lisa Ji

I’m in the third year of my PhD in Neuroscience (and not – yet – regretting that decision!). I was born in Singapore, grew up in Hong Kong, and came to the US for college. Come talk to me about graduate school, not being able to choose a major much less a career direction, brains, living abroad, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Daniel Jimenez


Ken Jung

Theresa Kauder

Becca Keener

Becca is currently on a spring leave of absence.

Hannah Kosman

Nikita Lalwani

Ryan Liu  
Puskar Mondal  
Gwyneth Muller  
Lauren Saunders  
Roger Sheu  
Maxwell Shinn  
Nathalie Simoes  

Arghavan Taheri

Arghavan Taheri is a Persian female graduate student at Yale School of Architecture. She is also following her long-term interest in fashion design, working on her own brand, “THEME”. She has been engaged professionally and academically with the architectural practice since 2009 as an architect, landscape architect, and interior designer. Arghavan and his brother, Aslan Taheri, also a Morse College graduate affiliate, have received awards in different national and international art and architecture competitions during the past years.

“Being an architect always paved the way for me to have the opportunity of experiencing other fields and actively engage in a multidisciplinary context. I am also working as a costume and set designer where I have designed some collections for men’s and women’s clothing. This year I am proud to be admitted to the Yale School of Architecture with the Chair’s Merit Scholarship”

Dillon Tjiptamustika

Tho Tran

Akhil Upneja

Jialu Zhang

I am Jialu Zhang, a third-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at Yale.

My research focus is Programming languages. Specifically, I am working on detecting configuration errors in software repositories. Outside research, I enjoy playing table tennis.

I am a night watcher and a day trader.

Xinyi Zhong