Graduate Affiliates

Sunny Chung

(Head GA)

I’m a fourth/fifth year medical student, and I’m a Morse 2013 alum!  In my free time, I enjoy creating new experimental cocktails, playing pickup soccer and ultimate Frisbee, and video games.  Between undergrad and med school, I took a year off working for a pharmaceutical company Roche as an in-house consultant.  As a Yale undergraduate, I was extensively involved with Morse College, working as a College Aide as well as a freshman counselor!  Now, as a medical student, I’m super excited to once again be really involved with Morse College student life.  I’m happy to get to know all of you, and definitely don’t be afraid to come speak to me or email me at any time! I love to help any of you in any way I can!

Henry Balme

What’s up, I’m Henry and currently in my second year of a Music History PhD. When I’m not buried amongst scores and books, I like to take photos (I’m an enthusiastic photographer), play piano (mainly classical), and practice my French. Next summer I am sitting a test of language proficiency (DALF, C1), so I’m looking to improve my French as much as possible of the next two semesters. I’m also teaching myself how to code (Python), but I’m still pretty terrible at it. Just a couple of things about my background: I’m half German, half Kiwi, grew up in Germany, and did my undergrad in London (Music) and my masters in Oxford (Musicology). I live in HGS, right next door, so you’ll find me at Morse having dinner almost every evening. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas don’t hesitate to come up and talk to me and I hope I can be of help!

Isaac Bernstein

Hello! I’m Isaac Bernstein, 2nd-year MBA student at the School of Management, with a degree in history from Williams College. I interned in the tech sector this past summer and expect to return after I graduate. Before school, I had stints in big-brand marketing, nonprofit arts, and commercial real estate. I’m glad to talk about any of those (and other) fields, and more than happy to talk big picture: how to translate your academic interests, whatever they are, into real-world life and work. I’m also passionate about music - I play bass, guitar, trombone, plus a little digital composition and DJing - and am always ready to connect with other music lovers!

Jonny Bunning

I’m a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in the history of science and medicine, with an interest in the history of the modern life and social sciences.

Beyond all this I like to ride my bike, learn languages, read children’s books, and spend too much time in bookshops; I like to make collages, drink coffee, research music, and wonder about architecture. It seems to me that a truly good education is never limited to formal study, but comes from a richer interaction with other people and places.

Which is why I support the view, universally acknowledged, that Morse is the best of Yale’s many colleges. Where else can boast of such a warm community housed in a modernist masterpiece, overseen by both a dead walrus and a friendly head of college? I’m not sure either. 

Davis Butner

I’m a second year masters student at the Yale School of Architecture, originally from Atlanta, GA. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014 with a B.A. in architecture and music, I worked for two years in Chicago before coming to Yale, dabbling in acoustic consulting and performance hall design including renovations to the Kennedy Center, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, and a new state of the art auditorium for Harvard Business School.

As an avid violinist/violist, I’ve performed in everything from orchestras and chamber ensembles, to an LGBT jazz band, and have always found music to be a fantastic way to connect with others. No matter what time of day (who am I kidding, I don’t sleep, I’m an architecture student), I’m always happy to chat about everything from music and architecture to art, humanities, sciences and beyond, whatever your passions may be, particularly if you’re interested in brainstorming new ways to integrate these passions with your studies. Questions about interdisciplinary work, dabbling in research within the humanities, balancing different areas of interest while in school, taking time between undergrad and grad school, good ole southern cooking recipes, or anything else on your mind? Lets talk!

Amy Do

My name is Amy Do. I’m a second year Masters’ student at Yale School of Public Health. I have always worked in healthcare and currently studying Health Care Management. I also work at Haven Free Clinic as the Referrals Director to coordinate specialty care, free of charge, to low-income patients in New Haven. I graduated from the University of Miami in 2013 and worked for 3 years at an insurance company in Miami, Florida. I love healthcare and plan to pursue my career as a healthcare administrator in the years to come! I really want to be a Graduate Affiliate because I think there need to be more interactions between graduate and undergraduate students since we have many things to learn from each other! I’m happy to talk to you about anything that you want, as well as help you explore the wonderful graduate world at Yale!

Rachel Farell


Hello! I’m a second year medical anthropology PhD student, focusing on the provision of healthcare and psychosocial support to unaccompanied minors and refugee children in Europe. I have a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown, where I majored in International Politics and Security Studies, and an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago, where I wrote my thesis on collective memory and trauma of a minority group in Afghanistan. I can’t wait to meet you and hear about your interests, passions, and stories. Come talk to me about making the choice between academia and the policy world, why I went to school to join the Foreign Service and then decided not to, staying sane and managing stress in college, or if you just want to talk and need someone to listen.

Jie Lisa Ji

I’m in the third year of my PhD in Neuroscience (and not – yet – regretting that decision!). I was born in Singapore, grew up in Hong Kong, and came to the US for college. Come talk to me about graduate school, not being able to choose a major much less a career direction, brains, living abroad, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Sascha Murillo

I’m a third year student at Yale School of Medicine. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 (BA in Anthropology and Biology), I moved to Washington, DC and worked as a Wellstone Fellow at Families USA, a national health care advocacy non-profit. As a fellow I provided support to the organization’s health equity initiatives on issues such as improving immigrant access to health care. After completing my fellowship, I worked for two years as a community organizer in the Health Justice program of a civil rights law firm based in NYC. In med school I’ve been involved with educating future health providers in issues of health inequality. I was born and raised in Providence, RI, I’m a doula (ask me about it), and I’m happy to talk to you about careers in social justice, health policy advocacy, medicine, or anything else you think I can help with!

Catherine Putko

Hello! I’m Catherine Putko, and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner student at the School of Nursing. My interests are in adolescent and young adult health.  I graduated from Boston College, majoring in Religion and Ethics, and worked at Partners In Health prior to coming to Yale in 2016.  At BC, I ran several marathons, became a yoga instructor, and fell in love with the infectious spirit of living on a college campus. Two of my biggest passions are running and cooking. I look forward to sharing these things with the Morse community and getting to know you over the course of the year! 

Devin Race

Devin is a second-year law student from Austin, TX who graduated in 2013 from Yale and Morse. He was the first class to live in the renovated Morse College and has fond memories of breathing in that new college smell. He is excited that Morse is still serving pizza that rivals New Haven’s establishments, and loves to talk to Morsels over a slice of it. In college he majored in philosophy and in law school he is interested in housing and criminal justice issues. He likes (and would at any time like to talk about) ping pong, martial arts, and bagels.

Amitte Rosenfeld

I’m a third year medical student interested in primary care. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Brown University in December 2012 where I studied human biology focusing on health care policy and access. After graduating I spent two years in Boston working in management consulting before moving to New Haven. This is my third year as a graduate affiliate of Morse- I’ve really loved being a part of the Morse family and am super excited to be back and to continue getting to know all of you! Reach out to me (or come say hi in the dining hall!) if you’d like to talk about alternative paths to medicine, taking time off during or after undergrad, or anything else.

Shiv Sinha

Hi! I’m Shiv Sinha and I am a second year MBA student at the Yale School of Management. I’m originally from Northern Virginia area just outside Washington DC. I did my undergrad at the University of Virginia where I majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After business school, I worked as a cloud engineer at a software company in the Washington DC area before joining Yale SOM. I would be more than happy to share my experiences working in the tech industry, studying engineering and business, or just to talk about anything else in general. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, tennis, and traveling. I’m really looking forward to being a graduate affiliate and getting to know all of you throughout the upcoming year!

Isra Syed

Hey! I’m a second year law student interested in health policy, environmental law, and reproductive justice. I graduated as a Morsel from Yale College in 2016 as a History major, and absolutely adore the Morse College community. I was active in the Yale Women’s Center and the AACC as an undergrad, and I briefly worked in refugee resettlement before coming to law school. Come talk to me about anything and everything on your mind! I’m here to serve as a resource not only about law school, but also about navigating your undergrad experience, social-justice minded careers, life, and really anything you want or need.

Arghavan Taheri

Arghavan Taheri is a Persian female graduate student at Yale School of Architecture. She is also following her long-term interest in fashion design, working on her own brand, “THEME”. She has been engaged professionally and academically with the architectural practice since 2009 as an architect, landscape architect, and interior designer. Arghavan and his brother, Aslan Taheri, also a Morse College graduate affiliate, have received awards in different national and international art and architecture competitions during the past years.

“Being an architect always paved the way for me to have the opportunity of experiencing other fields and actively engage in a multidisciplinary context. I am also working as a costume and set designer where I have designed some collections for men’s and women’s clothing. This year I am proud to be admitted to the Yale School of Architecture with the Chair’s Merit Scholarship”

Aslan Taheri

Aslan Taheri is a Persian architect, short-film maker and visual artist. He is currently a post-professional graduate student at Yale School of Architecture. Besides working as an architect in international firms such and Snohetta, he has also directed music videos and has been featured on Radio Javan for his music video “Javoon-tar Ke Budam”. Aslan, and his sister Arghavan Taheri, also a Morse College graduate affiliate and School of Architecture student, are planning on having their own firm in near future.

“I like to experiment with the ways that time and space shape a narrative in cinema to see the results of  superimposing this relationship from cinema to architecture.” 

Kevin Tobia

I am a joint degree student in law (JD) and philosophy (PhD). I grew up in New Jersey and spent my undergraduate years at Rutgers University, where I studied philosophy, mathematics, and cognitive science. After graduating, I studied philosophy at Oxford for two years. Feel free to get in touch to talk about law or graduate school, studying abroad, or anything else!

Alyssa Zupon

I’m a fourth-year medical student, and I graduated from Morse in 2013. While at Yale, I played on the Women’s Ice Hockey team and was involved in some community service groups, so I’m happy to talk about issues around being an varsity athlete and pre-med student or anything about community service opportunities. More specifically, I participated in Bulldog PAWS, which pairs Yale varsity teams with pediatric patients at Yale New Haven Hospital. I also did disaster relief and education in Japan, and I’m happy to discuss this or any related ideas you have. And, of course, if you’re interested in applying to medical school or have any interest in Emergency Medicine (that’s what I’m applying into), let’s grab a meal in the dining hall and I’d love to help you wherever you are in the process.