Student Kitchen

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When dining hall food just doesn’t seem to hit the spot, Morsels can reserve the Student Kitchen through the Morse College Office to make their own delicious morsels. Fully equipped with everything needed to make a delectable meal, the Student Kitchen makes it easy to be your own chef for a day. The Kitchen is also spacious enough to accommodate small groups because there’s no better way to eat food than with friends. 

Please note that the spices and ingredients in the cupboard pictured above beyond All Purpose Flour, Granulated Sugar, Confectioners’ Sugar, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt, and Black Pepper are what other students have left behind. Morse does not stock the Kitchen with spices and ingredients for students beyond the above-mentioned staples listed in italics. If you leave anything behind in the spice cabinet following your reservation, it is up for use by anyone else who reserves the kitchen next.

 To book the kitchen, first check availability on the reservation schedule (see calendar beneath the rules) then fill out the Kitchen Request form with the specific date(s)/time(s).  

Room reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. If a room reservation is made after 4 PM on Friday for a reservation that same weekend, we will not be able to accommodate your request. Requests will be answered during regular business hours Monday - Friday 9:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  Requests received over the weekend will be answered on the Monday following.
After cleaning the kitchen and before you leave, fill out a Kitchen Check-Out form, which includes providing a photo of a clean kitchen so you will not be held accountable for other people’s messes. Facilities DO NOT  enter the kitchen, its cleanliness is entirely reliant on the students who use it.
Kitchen rule highlights:
  1. Access. The Kitchen is locked and can be accessed with a key from the Head of College’s Office. A $20 deposit is required.
  2. Keep it clean! To keep the kitchen usable for all, we ask that you please clean up and wash all items after you’ve used them. If you leave the kitchen dirty, your kitchen privileges will be revoked. Remember, Facilities do not access the kitchen.
  3. Food. If you plan on leaving food in the fridge or freezer, please label it with your name and the date. Perishable food that is left unattended for over 1 week will be thrown away.

For a comprehensive list of rules for kitchen use, please see the Kitchen Rules.

Need something?
If there is an item you believe the kitchen desperately needs (utensils, small appliances, etc.), please contact Megan Carney to make a request. We will do our best to acquire these items quickly.
Thank you for respecting this space and following these rules! If you have any questions, you can email us.  If you have comments/suggestions, you can either email us or write in the “suggestions” box in the check-out form!