Student Kitchen

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When dining hall food just doesn’t seem to hit the spot, Morsels can reserve the Student Kitchen to make their own delicious morsels. Fully equipped with everything needed to make a delectable meal, the Student Kitchen makes it easy to be your own chef for a day. The Kitchen is also spacious enough to accommodate small groups, because there’s no better way to eat food than with friends. 

The following list includes ingredients already in the Kitchen, for users who are trying to figure out what to buy before they go into the Kitchen to cook. Please note that the spices and ingredients in the cupboard pictured above are what other students have left behind. Morse does not stock the Kitchen with spices and ingredients for students. If you leave anything behind in the spice cabinet, it is up for use for everyone else using the kitchen. The shared goods list is updated monthly.

For a comprehensive list of rules for kitchen use, please see the Kitchen Rules.

If you have any questions about the kitchen, please email our kitchen aides: Joanna Chen ‘25 and Jason Wang ‘25 at

The Kitchen closes this semester on May 1st with the start of finals.

The kitchen is open for reservation during the following hours: 

Sunday-Saturday: 10am-11:45pm

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

The kitchen is for Morse students only; please do not fill out the forms if you are not in Morse. 

To reserve the student kitchen, fill out the calendly and make sure all students in your group have read the rules and completed the Morse Student Kitchen QuizThe calendly will allow you to reserve the room for one hour at a time when it is available, with fifteen minute gaps between reservations. If you would like to reserve the kitchen for longer, select consecutive time slots. In order to let everyone have a chance to use the kitchen, we are limiting the kitchen reservations to four time slots per person each week (this is subject to change). After your group is done using the kitchen, please remember to fill out the check-out form