Intramural Sports (IMs)

 Morse IM Secretaries 2019-2020

IM Sports are an essential part of our community and a tremendous way for Morsels to get together outside of the classroom and get to know each other. At the start of every season, you’re sure to see some of our IM secretaries outside the dining hall, asking you to sign up. Please see the IM Calendar below for upcoming games.

Morse Always Wins! 


Can we make it to first place next year??

IM Secretaries Fall 2019-2020

Jessica Greenberg ‘20

Noelle Higginson ‘20

Zach Miller ‘21

Jordan Perry ‘21

Spring 2019 Captains

Spikeball: Khalid Ishani ‘22

Golf: Tyler Meli ‘20

Ultimate Frisbee: Zach Miller ‘21

Badminton: Mitchell Lee ‘21

Indoor Soccer: Evan Billups ‘20

Dodgeball: Lizzie Bjork ‘21

Winter 2018-2019 Captains

Broomball: Annique Wong ‘19 and Gianna Meloni ‘21

Innertube Water Polo: Will Vester ‘19

Volleyball: Jessica Greenberg ‘20 and Liam McGrath ‘21

Bowling: Rita Wang ‘19

W-Hoops Basketball: Jordan Perry ‘21

A-Hoops Basketball: Tyler Shen ‘21

B-Hoops Basketball: Andrew Gamzon ‘20

C-Hoops Basketball: Gabe Rojas ‘19 and Will Vester ‘19

Swimming: Adam Tucker ‘21 and Zach Miller ‘21

Fall 2018 Captains

Coed Soccer: Soloman Aromolaran ‘21 and Evan Billups ‘20

Football: Dax Aldecocea ‘22 and Cameron Stanish ‘19

Volleyball: Jessica Greenberg ‘20 

Table Tennis: Mohammad Arammash ‘20

Golf: Tyler Meli ‘20

Pickle Ball: Paige Davis ‘21 and Jordan Perry ‘21

Cross Country: Zach Stanik ‘21 and Head of College Panter-Brick