First-Year Counselors

What is a FroCo?

First-Year Counselors (aka “FroCos”) are Morse Seniors chosen by the Dean’s Office who live with Morse First-Years to ease the transition to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. FroCos work as a team with the Dean’s Office to be an additional resource to first-years for any problem or question they may have.

The 2022-2023 First-Year Counselors!

Gracie Englebert

(Head First-Year Counselor)

Gracie is our head froco, which means she helps communicate between the first-years, the MoCoFroCos, and Dean G! Gracie grew up on a farm in Wisconsin but does not identify as a horse girl. She spent the past summer working virtually from home and spent her spare time baling hay and enjoying unmatched Wisco sunsets. On campus, she is a history major, but more importantly she is an IM Secretary (morse ALWAYS wins). She is also involved in campus entrepreneurship and hopes to start her own venture someday. Fun fact: Gracie’s favorite day is Wednesday because that’s VEGAN PIZZA DAY in Morse!

Nikki Ambrose

Nikki is from Cabot, Pennsylvania (think Pittsburgh area). She majors in Chemistry. Nikki is the president of the guild of bookmakers, loves to crochet, is obsessed with sharks, has fun hiking and kayaking, and hates on dolphins (the animal, not the sport team). Nikki studied abroad in Greece AND she didn’t get a sunburn! A win for dermatologists everywhere.

Avery Brown

Avery is from Matawan, NJ (yes, central Jersey exists). He’s studying Political Science with a certificate in Data Science. Besides that, he enjoys singing jazz with his acapella group Redhot & Blue of Yale, writing “funny” things for The Yale Record, and occasionally dabbling in theater. On campus, you can find Avery enjoying a chai latte at Koffee?, relaxing by the fireplace in the Morse common room, or listening to Radiolab while on a stroll of beautiful New Haven. A fun fact about Avery is that he  was voted “best laugh” in high school! He hopes that you’ll find it contagious :)

Lane Fischer

Lane is from Ellis, Kansas (population 2,000) where he grew up on a cattle ranch (when I say yee, you say haw). Lane is a political science major, though feels he maybe should have been an English major some days. On campus Lane has been involved in the hippopotamus literary magazine, The Yale Historical Review, Matriculate, the Rural Student Alliance at Yale AND he works in the Morse Dining Hall (the BEST dhall on campus, don’t even argue). He loves music (particularly Dolly Parton, Reba, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift). He also loves sitcoms, sitting in the Morse crescent, laughing really loudly, writing, and the outdoors. Fun facts: Lane doesn’t know how to swim and is the proud uncle of MANY (maybe 20?) farm cats.

Timothy Han

Timothy is from Annandale, Virginia (his eighth state), and he studies Comparative Literature (Latin, Korean, and French). On campus, he’s a Tour Guide, an on-and-off again member of Christian Union, and part of the Political Union. He joins Morse from Silliman (although he spent last year living at the Omni Hotel and Trumbull). This’ll also be his first time living on Old Campus, so he’s looking forward to Benjamin Buttoning his way through Yale! 

Ariana Plaza

Ariana was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She majors in History of Science, Medicine and Public Health on the pre-med track! Ariana is involved in Despierta Boricua, the Puerto Rican students on campus, and she used to be a CCE (communication and consent educator). She loves to read cheesy, HEA romance novels and listens to her Spotify weekly releases in search of good music. You can find Ariana using her reusable bags everywhere she goes and taking all the spa water from the dining halls.

Ethan Riordan

Ethan is from Stamford, Connecticut. (A short train away from New Haven!). He studies History and on campus is involved in the Doox of Yale, The Yale Herald, The Yale Dramatic Association (The Dramat as the theater folks call it), Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater, AND is returning from his year-long experience of singing with the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Speaking of, Ethan is interested in creative writing, playwriting/dramatic writing, songwriting, and music! If you have any questions about artistic spaces at Yale, he is your resource. Reach out! Interesting thing about Ethan: he can do a bunch of cartoon character impressions. When asked to comment Ethan responded: “With great power comes great responsibility.”