First-Year Counselors

What is a FroCo?

First-Year Counselors (aka “FroCos”) are Morse Seniors chosen by the Dean’s Office who live with Morse First-Years to ease the transition to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. FroCos work as a team with the Dean’s Office to be an additional resource to first-years for any problem or question they may have.

The 2021-2022 First-Year Counselors!

Liam McGrath

(Head First-Year Counselor)

Howdy everybody! My name is Liam (he/him/his) and I’m super excited and honored to be one of the Morse FroCo’s this year. For some background about me, I’m a Midwest boy, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love strolling around barefoot, singing, dancing, running, cooking, playing guitar, hiking, and playing just about any sport. After my sophomore year, I spent a gap year in China and Taiwan studying Mandarin Chinese and competing nationally in cheerlearding for fun (missed Johnny by a matter of days on both accounts). I also lived in a Christian monastery in France and a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. 

On campus, I major in Religious Studies and do some data science. I’m a member of the Yale Alley Cats (a cappella group), the Men’s Club Volleyball team, and I volunteer at the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-Op, an initiative that trains New Haven residents in bike maintenance to promote community and environmental sustainability. I love learning new things, saying hi to people on the street, and working with my hands. 

Long term, I aspire to help companies develop their climate change policies, or enter some sort of spiritual/religious ministry, whichever happens first. I also can’t wait to get to know you, incoming first year/random viewer of the MoCoFroCo website. :)

Jillian Albrecht

Hi y’all! My name is Jillian Albrecht (she/her/hers) and I”m from Green City, Missouri. I’m majoring in chemical engineering and plan to work in the agriculture industry. 

On campus, I work in an environmental engineering lab and I’m involved in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Yale Chapter, Matriculate, and our Questbridge Chapter. At home in Missouri, I spend most of my time outside. I have two horses, a mini horse, and the cutest pup. Always happy to share pony or pup pictures and stories!

Can’t wait to meet all of you and spend my senior year as FroCo for the best college!!

Johnny Gross

My name is Johnny (he/him/his) and I am extremely excited to be a member of the Morse FroCo team. I was born and raised in Chicago, so the New Haven winters are nothing new for me. I study history with a focus on religious history (particularly Jewish history) as well as foreign languages. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for about eight years and Polish for about two. I was fortunate enough to take a gap year after my sophomore year studying Chinese in Northern China and Taiwan.

Outside of class, I am involved in Bridges ESL, which is an incredible club at Yale that offers free English as a Second Language tutoring to New Haven area residents seeking to improve their English. Additionally, I volunteer for the FISH food pantry in East Rock and cover the varsity squash team for the Yale Sports Publicity Office. 

I cannot wait to meet all of you and am so excited to see what this year will bring!

Lauren Honeycutt

Hey y’all! My name is Lauren Honeycutt (she/her/hers) and I’m from Griffin, Georgia. I’m majoring in Political Science and have plans to attend law school after graduation. 

On campus, you can almost always find me in the Morse dining hall, where I work as a Student Manager. In addition to my job in the dining hall, I enjoy bingeing reality tv with my friends and crocheting (but not in an old lady way, a cool way). I’m so excited to add being a MoCoFroCo to my list this year and can’t wait to meet you all!!

Won-Ho Lee

Hi everyone, my name is Won-Ho (he/him/his) and I’m so glad to have the chance to greet the Morse Class of 2025 as one of the MoCoFroCos! I was originally born in South Korea but I’ve spent most of my life growing up in the New England area so if you want tips on getting through a rough winter, I’m probably your guy. I am an MCDB major and hope to go on to work in either acedemia or the medical field. I love playing ultimate frisbee and basketball so when I’m not in class, you might see me on the Crescent or in Payn Whitney. I also enjoy helping out in the New Haven area, whether it’s dicing vegetables at CSK or helping serve meals as part of DESK. I am a research assistant at an immunology lab on West Campus, where I focus on how the immune system is affected by the emergence of cancer cells. If I’m not doing any of these things, you’ll probably find me camped out in one of the practice rooms attempting to play video game soundtracks on the piano. Although I’m sure many of you are exhausted with the challenges of the pandemic, I’m hoping you guys will find your first year at Yale to be that one step closer to normalcy and enjoy this beautiful community has to offer. I can’t wait to see everyone back on campus and get to know you all!!

Wei Li

Hey all! I’m Wei (she/her/hers) and I’m so excited to meet everyone this year! I am from a small town in souther Mississippi where my family runs a Chinese take-out restaurant. Over the summer, I had my own kitchen where I learned to cook my favorite childhood foods, including zongzi (rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and stir-fried eggs and tomatoes. I love how preparing food and eating around the table brings people together. We must seize the Morse kitchen one night and cook together–dumplings, fancy ramen (the kind with an egg hehe), hot pot??

At Yale, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. I hope to become a pediatrician or a pediatric hematologist–some sort of doctor for kiddos– when I grow up. If you have any questions about being pre-med at Yale, I gotchu. In my free time, I explore New Haven greenery and hidden oases with Yale Outdoors. I also volunteer as an EMT in Shelton, CT where I help people through stressful situations and bring them to the hospital. Want to start a conversation? I just finished bingeing the newest iCarly. I still love Big Time Rush. And I am probably watching another kdrama or cdrama. Finally…yes, I will make a TikTok with you.

Sarah Mafroud

What’s good everyone! My name is Sarah (she/her/hers) and I am from Astoria, New York. I am a Spanish major on a pre-med track and half the time, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

I have a passion for foreign languages, and while I am fluent in three for right now, I am hoping to learn more in the future. My family is from Morocco and I have family members sprinkled all throughout Europe, so I enjoy visiting when I can. Outside of class, I am either spending time with my friends or working at New Haven Reads, a book bank where I tutor children in reading. I also love listening to music, shoutout to Bad Bunny and Dave East. When I’m bored, you can probably find me driving to the nearest Dollar Tree of Walmart just because. I am looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that I can help in making your first years the best possible.

Willow Sylvester

Hello class of 2025! My name is Willow (she/her/hers), and I am unimaginably excited to be a MoCoFroCo! I grew up in between rural Maine and urban California, plus many places in between, but I’m a Mainer at heart. I also spent the past year on a leave of absence working in Brooklyn, NY, so that will explain the flare jeans you will see me in occasionally. I’m proud to be a first-generation low-income college student, and I’m majoring in Global Affairs with a particular interest in refugee policy, genocide policy, and data science. So for my senior capstone, I’ll be working to stablize Venezuelan refugee populations in South America. Outside of class, I manage the co-ed wrestling team, spent a year managing the varsity men’s basketball team, teach Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons, am a lead organizer for Mental Health Justice at Yale, and served as a co-director for the Yale International Policy Competition. I have a shelf full of books I enjoy reading in my nonexistent free time, and all of the employees at Donut Crazy know me by name and usually will have my order made before I place it. Three more facts about me: I have 13 tattoos (as of writing this), I’m fluent in French, and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Jake Watson

Hey y’all! My name is Jake Watson (he/him/his), and I’m from Chevy Chase, Maryland. I’m a Classics major at Yale, but I also really like taking classes about art, the environment, and social justice. 

On campus, I love to spend time in Morse with friends eating good food and chilling out. I’m also a FOOT leader and a huge fan of Yale varsity and intramural sports. GO MORSE!!!!!! MORSE ALWAYS WINS!!!!!! Lastly, I’m obsessed with the Classics department, and I apologize in advance for convincing you to major in Classics. We do have cool t-shirts, though. Just saying.

Outside of my academic and extracurricular interests, I think I’m an upbeat, excitable guy, and I love hanging with my friends and family. My hobbies are hockey, baseball, film, creative writing, music, and cooking. I’m a transgender man with a ton of pride for the trans and LGBTQIA+ community. I feel really passionate about LGBTQIA+ activism, but also activism of all kinds. Mostly, I’m so excited to be a MoCoFroco next year. I can’t wait to meet you all!