Morse Fellowships

Cahoon Fellowship

Herb and Jean Cahoon have been involved with the development of Dwight Hall student activities since 1961. They have dedicated a substantial part of their careers to encouraging students to work in New Haven and generate lifelong interest in the value of community service. The fund, known as the Cahoon Summer Fellowship, is an award of $3,500.00. The Fellowship will be given to a student from Morse, including current seniors, for engaging in at least 8 weeks of community service in the New Haven area during the summer. The fellowship recipient will be fully integrated into Dwight hall events and activities as well.

Cahoon Fellowship Application

Yale Fellowships

Yale’s Fellowships and Funding office advises students and alumni of Yale College about fellowships, scholarships, and grants. These awards range from full to partial funding and can support summer research, public service, independent projects, and post-graduate study, in the US and abroad.

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