Mellon Forums

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The Mellon Senior Forum during the spring semester provides seniors an opportunity to present on their research, most often the topic of their senior essay. Everyone in attendance has the chance to learn what their fellow classmates in an informal and convivial setting. The talks, generally 10-15 minutes in length, are about works in progress rather than a finished project. Works in progress make for some of the most interesting presentations, as questions from the audience can help the speaker crystallize their ideas.  
Past talks have ranged from “Detecting Scintillation in Helium Gas: the Search for Dark Matter” to “‘Her Loose Amber Curls:’ Images of Ideal Victorian Women in Lady Audley’s Secret.” Students usually use a slideshow, but some have presented short performances of plays or musical compositions.
The Forum meets on several evenings in the spring semester, usually starting at 5:45 pm for drinks followed by dinner and dessert (catered by nearby restaurants). Three to four students present throughout the evening and the event usually finishes by 8:00 pm. Many students have reported that the Mellon Forum is a highlight of their Yale experience, offering them the chance to engage in stimulating conversations and to strengthen their research and bond with the Morse College community.

Meghan Gupta, Yale Law School 

Morse College Mellon Coordinator

Meghan Gupta is a second-year student at Yale Law School and was also a proud former Morsel during her time at Yale College (Class of 2021), and current Lead Graduate Affiliate for Morse. After graduating from Yale, she spent a year at Oxford pursuing a master’s degree in US History as an Ertegun Scholar. Meghan is a citizen of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and particularly interested in the intersections of Indigenous history, law, and journalism. Outside of class, Meghan loves to try new restaurants, watch tv, and spend time with family and friends.