Morse Gear

The Head of College’s Office carries a wide variety of Morse gear at subsidized prices.  

NOTICE: Gear varies as a function of time of year and stock.  Some items do sell out.

Morse is now accepting suggestions for NEW DESIGNS. If you have an ideas please either contact Isaiah Martinez or Zach Miller, or stop by in the office.

Morse Price List  
Item Cost  
Morse White Sweater (more on their way!) $10.00
Sweatpants (more on their way!) $10.00
Scarf $5.00
Hat/Beanie $3.00

Flannel Pajama Pants


Clear Water Bottle $5.00

Morse Socks $5.00

Red Water Bottle $5.00
Bag $5.00
Baseball Cap $4.00
Fleece Jacket $18.00
Hoodie (in stock: 3 Men’s small, 6 Women’s small, 6 Women’s medium) $18.00


                                Front                                                                          Back

Polo Shirt $10.00 Pictures coming soon!
Quarter Zips (in stock: 6 XLs) $15.00
Thermos $5.00
Umbrella $10.00
Brita Pitcher $6.00 Image result for 060258426298
Brita Filter $3.00  

Picnic Blanket 





Clothing items are available in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Most are available in both men’s and women’s styles.