Morse College Aides Spring 2020

*College Aide operations and Morse events will be adjusted in accordance with COVID-19 public health guidance for the 2020-2021 school year. Check back later for more specific instruction on how and when to visit the Morse Office. For more information, visit the Yale College COVID-19 Announcements and FAQs page. If you do not find the answer to your question there, please reach out to us.*

What is a College Aide?

The Morse College Aides man the front lines of the College by working in the front office and staffing college events.. They sort your mail and packages, let you check out DVDs and other equipment (including WiiMotes and a karaoke machine), and they help you back into your room in case you’re locked out. The aides also work behind the scenes during almost all Morse events: College Teas, Mellon Dinners, study breaks, and more (including our annual Easter Egg Hunt). Our Photography Aide keeps a visual record of all college events, making sure to get every Morsel’s good (blubbery) side. Contact our aides at

Morse College Aides 2020-2021

Isaiah Martinez ‘22


(Chief Aide)

Isaiah Martinez is a junior hailing from west Texas. Before you ask, yes - he wears cowboy boots, loves country music, and drives his dad’s old, beat-up Chevy. And yes, Texas is the best state in the world. When it comes to residential college pride, you can count on Isaiah to show out for Morse every time! If you don’t catch him at IMs (intramurals), then there’s a good chance that you’ll see him making his rounds in the Morse dining hall (the best dining hall on campus) and hanging out with the amazing Morse community. Isaiah is a History major, concentrating in U.S. history, and he spends his time on campus as a leader/board member for Yale’s Latinx professional development student association, as a volunteer for the Yale Soup Kitchen, and as a coordinator for Morse IMs. 

Zach Miller ‘21 


(Chief Aide)


Zach Miller is a senior from Hemet, California, meaning he is from the best state, best coast, and now the best college. Zach lives and dies for Morse on a daily basis, and is also a froco this year! If you don’t recognize Zach from running frantically around Morse or walking around campus to the beat of his customized walking playlist, you might have seen him in one of the Walrus Costumes — he’s the one that thinks he can dance. Zach is a Global Affairs major who also spends time on campus working with Every Vote Counts and Restaurant Rescue Project, coordinating Morse IMs, and teaching swim lessons through SNUGs. 

Jadan Anderson ‘22



Jadan is a junior from Clovis, New Mexico and Bremerton, Washington–a true military brat. During her time at Yale, Jadan has worked for Dwight Hall, pitched for her a cappella group, and this year will be Editor-in-Chief of The Yale Logos. She masquerades mostly as an efficient Economics major, but sometimes as a grease monkey or even a furnishing at Booktrader. Jadan’s affection for Morse has grown because of her time as a college aide, and she is excited to get back to serving her residential college community in the fall with her favorite Morsels. 

Madison Cole ‘22



Madison Cole is a junior double majoring in English and Theatre Studies with concentrations in playwriting and directing. She loves hiking, reading, and spending time with friends, but whenever campus opens back up, you will likely find her in the Morse Crescent Theatre.


Kira Daniels ‘22


  Kira is a junior living off campus and majoring in Theater and Performance Studies. She grew up in the Hudson Valley and loves the QB and FGLI community on campus. In addition to being a Morse College Aide she is a House Manager for Undergraduate Production and a Student Guide at the Yale Center for British Art. Find her directing a production in the Morse Crescent, recording dialogue at the Crescent Underground Recording Studio, weaving in the Morse-Stiles Fiber Arts Studio or scrolling through Instagram at the Morse-Stiles gym. 

Maya Wilcox ‘22


  Maya is a junior in Morse from San Jose, California. While she misses the sun, she gets her daily dose of happiness from sitting in the Morse dining hall, watching her friends come and go. If she isn’t sitting under the walrus skeleton, she may be teaching sex ed to New Haven middle schoolers as part of CHE, or performing in Battell with her all female a cappella group Proof of the Pudding. Maya is an MCDB(Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) major with aspirations of an MD. She is also a part of the Global Health Scholars program.