Morse College Aides 2018-19

What is a College Aide?

The Morse College Aides man the front lines of the College by working in the front office. They sort your mail and packages, let you check out DVDs and other equipment (including WiiMotes and a karaoke machine), and they help you back into your room in case you’re locked out. The aides also work behind the scenes during almost all Morse events: College Teas, Mellon Dinners, study breaks, and more (including our annual Easter Egg Hunt). Our Photography Aide keeps a visual record of all college events, making sure to get every Morsel’s good (blubbery) side. Contact our aides at

Morse College Aides 2018-2019

Katy Way ‘19  

(Chief Aide)

From Kalamazoo, Michigan (yes that’s really what it’s called), this head aide was born Kathryn Way but must be called Katy Way because it flows better. Katy Way is a Chemical Engineering major, which is known for being Yale’s hardest major and has definitely taken some years off of Katy Way’s young life. That’s okay, though, because Katy Way’s love for Morse College brings those years back – as head aide, Katy Way works most events, knows most Morsels, and plans cute bonding events with the other Aides (mom status! <33). Outside of class and Morse, Katy Way does more things for Morse, and shows off her beauty and grace in Yale Ballroom (come to a show!).

Onyx Brunner ‘20  

(Chief Aide)

  Onyx is a junior who lives and breathes Morse College. If you’re looking for him, check the seminar room or the HOC Office. Onyx is from Chicago, Illinois (yes, actually from the city) and to know him is to know that he speaks French (even to people who don’t) and that coffee is the way to his heart. Outside of Morse, Onyx is the President of the Yale Black Men’s Union, and Co-Chair for Outreach and Engagement for the Yale Tour Guides. In his (little) free time, Onyx loves to travel and take naps. 

Stephanie Blas-Lizarazo ‘20

  What’s up mi gente! Stephanie is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, basically four years on how to build a birdhouse… but you may better know her as the shorter walrus from First-Year Move-In! She is originally from Miami, FL, but she is even more proud of her Nicaraguan and Venezuelan heritage. When she is not partaking in shenanigans in the Morse Head of College Office, she is a member of the Yale Precision Marching Band and a sister in Kappa Kappa Gamma. Stephanie also created one of the best Spotify playlists for Morse (“Huddle Up”) with Zach– follow them!

Josh Diaz ‘21

  Josh is a sophomore from New Jersey. But he’s from Mantua, NJ, which is South Jersey kind of near Philly and kind of near the shore but actually near nothing. While he is at the moment undecided, Josh is probably going to major in the social sciences. But definitely not in economics, since he spends much of his time dismantling the capitalist illusion. His summer job was working for his dad installing hard wood floors, which is why you probably noticed his capable arms during move-in or while in his Morse Aide polo. He also advises low income and/or first generation high school students on applying to college as a Matriculate Fellow. You might hear the sounds of Josh’s guitar, saxophone, or freestyle rap wafting across the courtyard from Entryway D, where he resides with a *phenomenal* roomate who wrote this bio. 

Rebecca Goldberg ‘21

  Rebecca is a Sophomore from Louisville, Kentucky (pronounced loo-a-vull, local style), who is very excited to be living and working in Morse this year and getting closer to all its brutalist architectural glory, the dining hall walrus skeleton, and her one true love, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks. Rebecca is an English Major with a creative writing focus and a die-hard graphic design nerd. When she’s not seen working in the Morse library or sweating off her stress in the Morse gym, you can find her designing in the 2-room at the Yale Daily News, stomping and hissing at YPU debates, or working (& protesting!) with a number of advocacy groups on campus. Swing by the office and say hi!

Miguel Lepe ‘19

  Miguel is a senior Neuroscience major from Sacramento, CA. A newer addition to the Morse fam, Miguel bleeds red and black! When Miguel isn’t napping, you can find him playing volleyball for the Men’s Club Team, doing Alzheimer’s Research at the Med School, or stuffing his face with ice cream (even during a blizzard). It may seem like Miguel has no idea what he wants to do after graduation, and that is exactly correct, so if you see him around, don’t ask him about it. 

Elizabeth Li ‘19

  Elizabeth is a senior pre-med majoring in MCDB. Although she has spent her whole life basking under the SoCal sun, she has learned to love the actual seasons that exist in New Haven. When she’s not working in the office, you can find her in the Morse dance studio practicing ballroom or in the lab. Elizabeth loves the Morse community and looks forward to meeting every Morsel!

Stephanie Malta ‘21

  Stephanie is a sophomore in Morse College from Miami, Florida. She is a prospective Neuroscience major. On campus, she is involved in organizations like TEDxYale, HAPPY, and Latina Women at Yale. She is also part of an all-women’s a cappella group, Something Extra.

 Jacob McNeill ‘21

  Jacob is a sophomore from Omaha. That’s a city… in Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska. It’s one of the fifty states for those that did not know. Ya know, one of them in the middle somewhere. Jacob actually represents one half of the Nebraska Class of 21 at Yale. He’s a History and English major whose liberal arts credentials may fool you into thinking that he is in fact not a closet snake. When he’s not completing life-threatingly copious amounts of readings, Jacob can likely be found attempting to remove small (sometimes imaginary) stains from his clothing with his trusty Tide-To-Go Stain Stick, drinking his fourth can of coke of the day, or procrastinating on his readings about European History by watching Gossip Girl.

Zach Miller ‘21

  Zach Miller is a sophomore from Hemet, California, meaning he is from the best state, best coast, and now the best college. Zach lives and dies for Morse on a daily basis, and is somehow the only Aide to ever be seen carrying boxes or heavy things (swole? nah, mostly just sweaty). If you don’t recognize Zach from running frantically around Morse or walking powerfully to class, you might have seen him in the Walrus Costume — he’s the taller one that does body rolls and big drops. Zach is a prospective Global Affairs major who also spends time on campus working with Every Vote Counts and Restaurant Rescue Project, coordinating Morse IMs, and teaching swim lessons through SNUGs. 

Nick Pham ‘20 


  Hey! Nick is a Junior in Morse majoring in Economics and Computer Science. He is the Morse photographer and loves taking shots of the community! Come up and say hi if you see him around!

Parker Redcross ‘21

  There are two things Parker Redcross never jokes about: Morse and oatmeal. Growing up in a city of mispronunciations, “Parker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” has always enjoyed juggling and non-sequiturs. To be known as the awkward one of the vegans among the aides (not that he isn’t the only vegan), Parker, like many others who enjoy backwards somersaults, was born in a tunnel.