Bonnie Collier

Bonnie Collier was the librarian for American History at Sterling Memorial Library before becoming the Associate Director for Yale Law Library, and currently is the Director for the Yale Law School Oral History Project.

Profession and title: 
Law Librarian

Ms. Collier’s interests include historical research and historiography, Connecticut history, women and the law, trends in publishing and libraries, nature and changes in scholarly communication.

She is passionate about running a program at Ingalls Rink to teach inner city kids from the Wexler-Grant school how to ice skate, and she would love help from Morse students!!!! Skaters or non-skaters needed !!!!! (Wednesdays at 2:30)

As a former competitive figure skater, she is happy to meet and talk with students juggling elite sports and academics.

Areas for involvement with Morse students: 
Advising and mentoring for upperclassmen
Career advising
Connecting students to internships or other opportunities
Serving as a reader for students preparing CVs and job or fellowship applications
Is there another way in which you might work with Morse students not listed above?: 
As volunteers....
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