Intramural Sports (IMs)

Participants of the first round of IM Cross Country 2016

Participants at IM Cross Country

IM Sports are an essential part of our community and a tremendous way for Morsels to get together outside of the classroom and get to know each other. At the start of every season, you’re sure too see some of our IM secretaries outside the dining hall, asking you to sign up. Please see the IM calendar for upcoming games.

Morse Always Wins!

IM Secretaries 2016-2017

Dan Kluger ’18

Brandon Ortiz ‘18

Gabriel Rojas ‘19

William Vester ’19

Winter 2016/17 Captains


Men’s A-Hoops: N/A

Men’s B-Hoops: Ryan Chan ‘17 & Jasper Han ‘17

Men’s C-Hoops: Jack O’Malley ‘17

Women’s Hoops: Kristina Kim ‘18 & Sarah Pajka ‘17

Men’s Indoor Volleyball: Onyx Brunner ‘20

Women’s Indoor Volleyball: Jessica Greenburg ’20

Squash: N/A

Inner-tube Water Polo: Libby Dimenstein ’17

Swimming: Libby Dimenstein ’17 & Elizabeth Hines ‘17

Bowling: Summer Wu ‘18

Broomball: Gabriel Rojas ‘19 & William Vester ’19

Indoor Soccer: Garrett Bingham ‘19

Fall 2016 Captains

Coed Soccer: Garrett Bingham ‘19 & Kathryn Way ‘19

Men’s Soccer: Dan Kluger ‘18

Women’s Soccer: Sarah Oyadomari ’18

Football: William Min ‘19

Volleyball: Vinicius Costa ‘19

Tennis: John Bentley ‘17 & Rachel Lackner ‘17

Table Tennis: Brandon Ortiz ‘18

Golf: Thomas Liao ’18

Cross Country: Head of College Panter-Brick