Settling In

 All things Morse (and Walrus)…

Dean’s Office Hours:
Mon    1-5 pm

Tue     2:30-4 pm

Wed    1-5 pm 

Thur    2:30-4 pm

Fri       9 am-noon

To make an appointment, call Sandi at 203-432-0397 or just stop in.


We are well on our way to commencement and summer, Walruses …

CPA shows are in production, grant applications are being written, interviews are being practiced and booked, and spring is in the air. As usual, here are many things happening at Morse and beyond that are fabulous and you should seize these opportunities.

MCC has a meetings on Tuesday each week at 10pm in the common room. Give your thoughts on college life a voice. The vote for new officers is happening now; check your emails for link to ballot.

Morse Love!


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