Graduate Affiliates

Sami Ahmed

I’m a third-year law student from small-town Georgia. My interests include sports (all of them, so you’ll see quite a bit of me on the IM fields and courts), quantum physics, photography, cooking competitions, trekking, cinema, hunting, and traveling (been to 52 countries). I did my undergrad in Finance at Penn/Wharton, and did my senior thesis on the challenges of domestic violence in specific urban and ethnic communities. Before law school, I worked as a programmer at Google and a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. I also love languages (I speak six well) and play piano and tabla. But there are few things that I enjoy as much as mentoring students (especially Morsels), so please don’t hesitate to reach out–especially if you want advice on college, jobs, or grad school!


Alex Co

Alex is a Master of Environmental Management student in the five-year program at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a Morse 2015 graduate. As an undergraduate, he majored in Chemistry, served as the inaugural Morse representative in the Sustainability Service Corps, a Morse Aide and on Morse College Council, helped found Yale Queer+Asian and facilitated groups in the Sexual Literacy Forum. He now studies leveraging green chemistry and circular economy principles toward transformative business and development models. Please reach out to him if you want to know more about F&ES or post-graduation non-science opportunities for science majors, study abroad (semester in Scotland, summer in Switzerland!), or talk about travel hacking. In his free time, Alex prefers napping, but is occasionally awake enough to read and write about QTPOC issues, perfect his Southeast Asian food recipes and wallow in wanderlust.


Beza Getachew

Hey guys! I’m a fourth year PhD student in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. I’m from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and graduated from Morse college in 2012. I spent a year working as a Woodbridge Fellow at Yale’s Office of Administration. Feel free to talk to me about grad school, off-campus life in New Haven, year-long fellowships from Yale, life as an international student…or life in general!


Jie Lisa Ji

I’m in the third year of my PhD in Neuroscience (and not – yet – regretting that decision!). I was born in Singapore, grew up in Hong Kong, and came to the US for college. Come talk to me about graduate school, not being able to choose a major much less a career direction, brains, living abroad, and maintaining a work-life balance.


Helen Li

Hiya! My name is Helen and I’m a 3L at Yale Law School. I’m from Atlanta, went to college in Nashville, and spent a year in South Korea teaching English before coming to law school. When you’re free, let’s grab some Junzi or go to karaoke or Escape the Room, preferably all at the same time.


Constantine Manda

I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at Yale University interested in the political economy of development and comparative politics with a regional focus on sub Saharan Africa. Prior to Yale I was the Senior Research Analyst at Twaweza where I worked on randomized controlled experiments aimed at improving education outcomes in Tanzania. I write academic articles and policy briefs for publication and also contribute on a popular Tanzanian youth-centered blog called VijanaFM as well as the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage. I am a World Economic Forum Global Shaper originally with the Dar es Salaam Hub (since 2013) but currently with the New York City II Hub (since 2015).


Zola Chihombori Quao

Hi! I’m Zola Chihombori Quao and I am a “Fifth Year” medical student (chronological 4th year) currently completing a Masters in Health Science at Yale School of Medicine. I graduated from Morse/Yale in 2013, majoring in French. I plan to pursue a medical career dedicated to serving marginalized and vulnerable populations. In my free time, I love reading novels and short stories and listening to audiobooks. I love being a grad affiliate because I get to interact with undergrads and telling you about “the real world” of graduate and professional school. From what I’ve learned in my past four years as a kind of adult graduate student, I know that, with guidance, genuine curiosity, and a willingness to work, any of you can find a perfectly suited and fulfilling graduate/career path. I am very happy to offer guidance in any way I can. Please introduce yourself to me if I don’t introduce myself to you first! I’m happy to meet you!


Amitte Rosenfeld

I’m a second year medical student interested in primary care. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Brown University in 2012 where I studied human biology focusing on health care policy and access. After graduating I spent two years in Boston working in management consulting before moving to New Haven. This is my second year as a graduate affiliate of Morse- I’ve really loved being a part of the Morse family and am super excited to be back and to continue getting to know all of you! Reach out to me if you’d like to talk about alternative paths to medicine, taking time off during or after undergrad, or anything else.


Corey Scult

I’m a second-year joint degree between the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the School of Management, where I’m focusing on how private capital can be used to conserve land, use natural resources more responsibly, and generally effect positive environmental change.  I was an undergrad at Brown University, where I double-majored in human biology and economics.  Before grad school I worked at a startup social enterprise tea company in Brooklyn and for a non-profit environmental law firm in D.C.  I’d be very happy to talk about my experiences working in the for-profit vs. non-profit worlds, the Forestry School and/or School of Management, conservation (and financing it), taking time between undergrad and grad school, or anything else – feel free to get in touch! 


Roger Sheu

Hello there! I am currently a third year Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Student (in SEAS), and I went to Pomona College for undergrad, getting a double major in chemistry (atmospheric/physical chemistry) and mathematics (number theory and combinatorics). Aside from being a graduate student, I am really excited to become a part of the Morse family! I look forward to seeing many of you at intramural sports such as tennis, squash, indoor volleyball, ultimate, etc., hosting events that will help enrich your Morse experience, and bringing some extra music, games, and happiness to everyone’s world. I would super appreciate suggestions for future events and look forward to getting to know as many of you as humanly possible! As for the more pedantic details, I am glad to share my experiences with the subjects above, being an ex-premed, and general perspectives on living life to the fullest.


Alyssa Zupon

I’m a third-year medical student, and I graduated from Morse in 2013. While at Yale, I played on the Women’s Ice Hockey team and was involved in some community service groups, so I’m happy to talk about issues around being an varsity athlete and pre-med student or anything about community service opportunities. More specifically, I participated in Bulldog PAWS, which pairs Yale varsity teams with pediatric patients at Yale New Haven Hospital. I also did disaster relief and education in Japan, and I’m happy to discuss this or any related ideas you have. And, of course, if you’re interested in applying to medical school, let’s grab a meal in the dining hall and I’d love to help you wherever you are in the process.