First-year Counselors

What is a FroCo?

First-year Counselors (aka “FroCos”) are Morse Seniors chosen by the Dean’s Office who live with Morse first-years to ease the transition to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. FroCos work as a team with the Dean’s Office to be an additional resource to first-years for any problem or question they may have.


The Freshman Counselors for 2016-2017 are:

John Bentley

Hello! My name is John Bentley. I’m from southern Missouri and have two younger siblings and a pet Corgi. I’m majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy (the combined major). When I am not working as a first-year counselor or studying I like to get outside. I’m a Yale Outdoors Trip Leader, and an active member of the Yale Climbing Team. I also have a radio show with WYBC. I play the banjo in my free time, but, to quote Spongebob’s impression of his neighbor Squidward, “I practice and practice all day long, but I never get any better.” I’m pretty into Pokemon. I just got Starmie, and am very proud. I’m very much looking forward to learning from all the Morse frosh!

Serena Lau


Hey! I’m Serena, from sunny Sunnyvale, California. I’m an environmental anthropology major with interests in geography and remote sensing - perhaps unsurprisingly, one of my favorite spots on campus is the Maps Collection in Sterling Memorial Library. Otherwise, you’ll find me lounging on a hammock in the Morse courtyard (absolutely heavenly), running around on the rugby field (I actually don’t have to use my EMT knowledge as often as you’d think), or just jamming to some music in Durfee. I can’t wait to share the Morse love and help the class of 2020 discover all that Yale has to offer!  

Vicky Mevs

Hi everyone! My name is Vicky and I’m extremely excited to be a MoCoFroCo! So just a bit about me, I’m originally from New Jersey but I moved to New York when I was four and have been there ever since. I’m the youngest of three and my parents were both born in Haiti. I’m a Sociology major with a Concentration in Health and Society. I love playing my violin in two of the residential college orchestras on campus, Saybrook College Orchestra (SYO) and Davenport Pops Orchestra (DPops). I can also be found volunteering with YHHAP and DEMOS. I’m absolutely thrilled to be spending the year with the amazing Morse Class of 2020!!

Michelle Peters

  Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Peters, and I’m from Marblehead, Massachusetts. I’m majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, so you can often find me doing research up on Science Hill. Outside of class, I play flute in the Yale Symphony Orchestra and am involved in a variety of language and cultural exchange programs on campus. Although I love to travel and have spent several semesters and summers studying abroad, I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Durfee to spend this year with the amazing Morse Class of 2020!

Brittany Stollar


Hey everyone! My name is Brittany, I’m from New York City, I’m an anthropology major with a focus on global health, and I’m a part of the 5-year BA/MPH program with the Yale School of Public Health. When I’m not hanging around Durfee you can find me dancing with Yale Dance Theater, acting with the Heritage Theater Ensemble, or working in the Music Library. I’m so excited to welcome the Class of 2020 to the best residential college at Yale, and this is going to be a great year!

Connor Szostak


Howdy, I’m Connor, and I come to Yale from a town just outside of Flint, Michigan! I spend a lot of my time cooking food at the Morsel, writing with my spoken word group, WORD, and playing the double bass and mandolin around campus. On occasion, I can also be founding working in the Haas (or Morse) library to make sure my English and Film & Media Studies double major actually happens. I had an amazing time in Durfee my first year and can’t wait to welcome the Class of 2020 to the most amazing community at Yale!

Kendall Teare

Hello! I’m Kendall, I hail from the distant land of West Hartford, CT, and I’m a double major in English (Creative Writing) and American Studies. Through last spring, I very happily managed the Morse Buttery, and for three years and counting, I’ve spent most weekends and evenings working on student films with the help of Bulldog Productions and the Yale Film Alliance. I’m also a recent convert to the amazing camaraderie and care of the Yale Climbing Team. I hope to bring the enthusiasm I’ve absorbed from these sunny Yale experiences and the wisdom from those more overcast moments to my role as FroCo this year for the indubitably incredible Class of 2020.

Brandon Wanke


​My name is Brandon Wanke, and I’m really excited to be a FroCo this year! I lived in a small city in the middle of Montana called Great Falls before I found myself on the East Coast at Yale. I’m a premed who is majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology on the Neurobiology track. While I spend a modest amount of time doing research over at the med school, you can find me fairly involved in music. I play the French horn in the Yale Concert Band—we just got back from a tour of Italy and Greece—and the trumpet for the Davenport Pops Orchestra. I also play in a few other groups, like Coup de Brass, an all French horn ensemble. Welcome to the Morse Class of 2020!