Dean Joel Silverman

Dean Silverman is the chief academic adviser to the approximately 500 undergraduates of Morse College. Residing within the college, he assists students in all matters concerning their academic programs, applies and enforces the Academic Regulations, and supervises first-year advising. As needed, he refers students to resources, persons, or offices that can assist them, and he actively collaborates with these sources of support and counseling. He writes letters of recommendation for fellowships and for postgraduate work or study. He also teaches in the departments of American Studies and English and is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Special Divisional Major. In addition, the Dean serves on a range of University committees, oversees student housing, and coordinates a variety of college activities. The Dean is also a terrific resource for a wide range of other matters and advises students on everything from personal difficulties to post-graduation plans. In cases of incapacitating illness or family emergency, the Dean has the authority to postpone deadlines for academic work or final exams.













About Dean Silverman

Dean Joel Silverman has worked and played as a golf caddy, a plumber’s assistant, a bank intern, a journalist, an administrative assistant, a computer lab proctor, a writing tutor, and a translator. He has also taught undergraduates about composition and literature and culture for many years, and is currently at work on a biography of Morris Ernst, the civil liberties attorney who defended Ulysses. Dean Silverman earned his B.A. in English from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. During the summer, he serves as the Head of Summer Colleges for Yale Summer Session. Born and raised in Connecticut, Dean Silverman has also lived in Texas and New York, as well as in Seville and Madrid, Spain. His wife, Alba Estenoz, is from Mérida, Spain, and is the Executive Pastry Chef at Zinc. Dean Silverman and Chef Alba have a son, Noah, who enjoys playing viola, studying psychology, and watching BBC detective shows. Their dog Lulu enjoys meeting students and eating their pizza crusts. The Silverman family loves eating Spanish food, listening to music, traveling, and reading together.



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 Dean SilvermanDean Silverman