Natalie Kofler

Natalie Kofler is a trained molecular biologist and the founding director of Editing Nature at Yale University, a global initiative to steer responsible development and deployment of environmental genetic technologies. Natalie’s work navigates the technical, ecological, and ethical complexity of gene editing applications designed to impact wild species, such as CRISPR-edited mosquitos to prevent malaria transmission, genetic strategies to eliminate invasive species, or the use of CRISPR gene editing to promote species resiliency to changing climates. She builds deliberative platforms that engage diverse expertise, worldviews, and historically marginalized voices to foster effective public engagement, promote wise innovation, and inform sensible policy. Natalie worked in biomedical research where she actively used genetic technologies like CRISPR before founding Editing Nature to become a leading voice in CRISPR and synthetic biology ethics. She has authored numerous publications on the topic, served on expert panels, and contributes to UN mandated documents. Her work has been highlighted by Pacific Standard Magazine and National Geographic. Natalie served as a visiting scholar at the Hastings Center and collaborates with the Yale Program in Biomedical Ethics. She received her PhD in cellular, molecular, and medical biosciences and MS in human nutrition and metabolic studies from Columbia University and her BS in human anatomy and cell biology from McGill University.

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Molecular Biologist and Bioethicist
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