Morse College Aides 2019-2020

What is a College Aide?

The Morse College Aides man the front lines of the College by working in the front office. They sort your mail and packages, let you check out DVDs and other equipment (including WiiMotes and a karaoke machine), and they help you back into your room in case you’re locked out. The aides also work behind the scenes during almost all Morse events: College Teas, Mellon Dinners, study breaks, and more (including our annual Easter Egg Hunt). Our Photography Aide keeps a visual record of all college events, making sure to get every Morsel’s good (blubbery) side. Contact our aides at

Morse College Aides 2019-2020

Onyx Brunner ‘20

(Chief Aide)

Onyx is a senior who lives and breathes Morse College. If you’re looking for him, check the seminar room or the HOC Office. Onyx is from Chicago, Illinois (yes, actually from the city) and to know him is to know that  coffee is the way to his heart. He’s double majoring in Ethics, Politics&Economics and French (and he won’t let you forget). Onyx stays busy outside of Morse too. During his junior year, he was the President of the Yale Black Men’s Union and coordinated a joint College Tea between the Union and Morse. This year, Onyx is thrilled to return as Chief Aide in addition to being one of Yale’s Head Tour Guides (a position shared with another Morsel, because Morse Always Wins). In his (little) free time, Onyx loves to travel and take naps. 

Zach Miller ‘21 

(Chief Aide)

  Zach Miller is a junior from Hemet, California, meaning he is from the best state, best coast, and now the best college. Zach lives and dies for Morse on a daily basis, and is somehow the only Aide to ever be seen carrying boxes or heavy things (swole? nah, mostly just sweaty). If you don’t recognize Zach from running frantically around Morse or walking around campus to the beat of his customizedwalking playlist, you might have seen him in the Walrus Costume — he’s the taller one that does body rolls and big drops. Zach is a Global Affairs major who also spends time on campus working with Every Vote Counts and Restaurant Rescue Project, coordinating Morse IMs, and teaching swim lessons through SNUGs. 

Rebecca Goldberg ‘21

  Rebecca is a junior from Louisville, Kentucky (pronounced loo-a-vull, local style), who is very excited to be living and working in Morse this year and getting closer to all its brutalist architectural glory, the dining hall walrus skeleton, and her one true love, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks. Rebecca is an English Major with a creative writing focus and a die-hard graphic design nerd. When she’s not seen working in the Morse library or sweating off her stress in the Morse gym, you can find her designing in the 2-room at the Yale Daily News, stomping and hissing at YPU debates, or working (& protesting!) with a number of advocacy groups on campus. Swing by the office and say hi!

Ben Christensen ‘23

  Ben is a first-year in Morse from Rochester, New York (or as 90% of people see it, not New York City). While a prospective data science major, he intends to pursue an additional concentration in a humanities field. As a member of both the Yale Magic Society and Yale Precision Marching Band, Ben will blow you away with more than just his horn. And if you’re still not impressed, you can come to his suite and enjoy one of his homemade French desserts while he describes it in French, a language he speaks along with some dabbles in Spanish (si estás leyendo esto) and Chinese (太晚了). If at a Morse event you see someone with black, red-bottomed shoes (go Morse!), that’s him!

Maya Wilcox ‘22

  Maya is a sophomore in Morse from San Jose, California. While she misses the sun, she gets her daily dose of happiness from sitting in the Morse dining hall, watching her friends come and go. If she isn’t sitting under the walrus skeleton, she may be teaching sex ed to New Haven middle schoolers as part of CHE, or performing in Battell with her all female a cappella group Proof of the Pudding. Maya is an MCDB(Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) major with aspirations of an MD. She is also a part of the Global Health Scholars program.