Dots and Dashes

Dots and Dashes
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  1. Dining Hall Stickers
  2. Multilingual Morse
  3. Bike Stickers
  4. Insurance Information
  5. The Prada Group Presents: Shaping a Sustainable Future
  6. CTL Student Focus Group
Please refer to the  Morse College Calendar  for upcoming events! 
I. Dining Hall Stickers
All Morse students need a Morse sticker on their ID to enter the dining hall when hours are restricted and on Sunday family night dinner.
Please stop into the office to get a Morse sticker on your ID.
II. Multilingual Morse
Morse is piloting a new series of informal “language tables” in the Dining Hall this semester! Fridays at lunch, from noon to 1 pm, one long table will be dedicated to casual conversation in a language other than English. This Friday, September 14th, the conversation will be conducted in French, and led by John B., Onyx B., and MPB herself!
Stop by and leave at your own discretion. You don’t have to know much vocabulary to join – participation and effort is the fun of it all!
Check out MPB’s email for the full schedule.
III. Bike Stickers
If you are in Morse and keep a bike locked to the racks overnight, you need a Morse sticker on your bike, labelled for the 2018-2019 school year. Come grab one from the office!
IV. Insurance Information
Yale is not responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any personal belongings anywhere on or off campus, whether in a dormitory room, an off-campus apartment, or a storage area, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage. All students are encouraged to make their own arrangements to obtain insurance against loss or damage.
Yale’s Office of Enterprise Risk Management provides access for students to a comprehensive insurance policy to protect student personal belongings. Details can be found at
Come pick up a copy of the Insurance Form from the Morse Office! 
V. The Prada Group Presents: Shaping a Sustainable Future
The Yale Center for Customer Insights is partnering with Prada and Politecnico di Milano this fall for an exciting opportunity for Yale students campus-wide. This student-only competition will bring together innovative and creative minds to design a unique concept of a product, service, channel, or business model, providing a business solution that utilizes technology to enhance environmental and/or societal sustainability.
After a rigorous 15 hour hackathon held in New Haven, three lucky semi-finalist teams will then be flown to Italy, where they can discuss their ideas with attendees at the Prada Conference in Milan.
Yale’s Key Deadlines:
Wednesday, September 12: Initial Abstract Submission for Yale student teams
Friday, October 5: Multi-Media Presentation for Yale student teams
October 26-27: Hackathon, held at Yale School of Management, for select finalists only, in New Haven.
Learn more at
VI. CTL Student Focus Group
The Center for Teaching and Learning is creating a volunteer Student Focus Group. This group will provide feedback and share new ideas about specific teaching and learning topics during four in-person meetings per academic year. The group will share and discuss personal experiences from the classroom and other learning environments. Diverse viewpoints and backgrounds will produce useful suggestions and out-of-the-box suggestions for the CTL to try out.  Apply to be a member of the CTL Student Focus Group.