Dots and Dashes


Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Dots and Dashes


  1. MPB’s Chair Massage Study Break – Today!
  2. Bike Removal Notice
  3. Move Out Notes
  4. Quiet Hours & Party Policy

Please refer to the Morse College Calendar for upcoming events!
Reminder that Yale is a smoke free campus, both inside and outside the buildings!
6 days until Move Out
18 days until Graduation 
I. MPB’s Chair Massage Study Break Tonight!
MPB has booked chair massages and therapists from Massage by Design to help Morsels relax as we wrap up the semester! The massages will take place TODAY from 6-8 pm in the Morse HOC House. We only have 40 slots available, so if you signed up for a slot and received a confirmation, make sure to be on time for your slot out of courtesy for your college mates and the therapists!
II. Bike Removal Notice
Please make sure to remove all bikes from the bike racks before Wednesday, May 8th or they will be permanently removed!
III. Move Out Notes
All underclassmen must be moved out of their rooms with their room keys and check out forms delievered to the Head of College’s Office by Thursday, May 9th at 11:59 AM. Checking out after this time will result in hefty fines. The Head of College’s Office will be open this weekend, May 4th and May 5th, for check out between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Please complete the following before departure:

  • Clean and sweep all bedrooms, common rooms, bathrooms, closets, and hallways prior to departure. Unclean spaces will result in fines.
  • Return all dining hall supplies by noon on Wednesday, May 8th.
  • Clear all spaces of trash. Failure to do so will result in fines.
  • Seniors, please clear your bathrooms by Thursday, May 9th so that they can be cleaned in advance of Commencement.

Have a great summer!

IV. Quiet Hours & Party Policy
Quiet hours are in effect all day, every day for the rest of the semester.  During this time, the Morse Library is for quiet studying only. For group studying and conversation, please use other places in the college, such as the Morsel, Common Room, game room, and seminar room. Please always clean up when you are done studying (soda cans, snacks, wrappers and the like).  Additionally, no parties should be hosted during quiet hours.