Dots and Dashes

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

I. Welcome back, Morsels!

II. Storage Boxes

If you have boxes in Morse storage, you must remove them by Monday, 8/26, at 5pm. The Master’s Office will be open over the weekend (9am-5pm) to assist with storage.

III. Personal Food Items

Please keep food sealed in closed containers so as not to attract pests. Let’s keep Morse clean!

IV. Science Writing Course

If you are a science or environmental studies major with an interest in writing for the public, or if you are an aspiring journalist who wants to explore environmental issues or scientific research, you may be interested in “Writing about Science and the Environment”(ENGL 459 / EVST 215 ), taught by veteran science writer (and Morse Fellow) Carl Zimmer. Details about the course and application (Due by noon on August 22) can be found here: Please contact Carl Zimmer ( if you have any questions.